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Business Litigation

Pathway Forensics has the manpower and resources to meet the various requirements of litigation cases, regardless of size. We can identify, collect and preserve hundreds of computers across your company's network or collect data from one or two desktop computers. Our advanced forensics tools allow our team to work with your IT professionals to retrieve requested data from your systems or forensically collect information at an opponent's location. The Pathway Forensics team works collaboratively with clients to minimize disruption to their business operations and satisfy the legal obligations of each litigation matter.

Theft of Intellectual Property

Theft of intellectual property (TIP) cases usually involve a current or former employee copying sensitive company information from a company computer. Our computer forensics tools are ideal for retrieving the digital artifacts that are left behind and can be used to corroborate the transfer of sensitive information.

Employment Matters

A company is constantly facing various challenges from its workforce. Whether the situation involves improper use of a computer, a wrongful termination suit, sexual harassment, pornography or misappropriation of assets, an employee's computer contains a wealth of information to substantiate or refute an allegation. Emails, chat logs, websites and internet activity information can corroborate an employee's work habits and Pathway Forensics can properly collect and analyze these crucial computer artifacts.

Family Law

These days, a significant part of our daily activity revolves around the Internet including browser activity, emails and chats. If there is any indication of improper activity by a spouse, then there is usually good cause to examine any computers and/or cell phones which may have been used. For example, information from a family computer can uncover a variety of out-of-the-ordinary behaviors that may affect a spouse's position as a suitable guardian.

Pathway Forensics can forensically acquire these items in a discrete manner to avoid any undue complications and has been very successful in recovering important evidence that can be used in family court.

Government Investigations

If a client's company has been subpoenaed by a government agency, we can assist in the collection and analysis of the requested materials. Pathway Forensics' professionals have prior law enforcement experience and have been involved in numerous cases involving the grand jury process. We will collect the electronically-stored documentation in a secure and defensible manner and then process the information so in-house or outside counsel can review it for any privileged or non-responsive materials. In other instances, a company may not be aware of the alleged activities of an employee, so a thorough examination of the employee's computer and email could be critical in proving that the company had no knowledge of any inappropriate activity and that the employee was acting outside the scope of his authority.

Criminal Matters

Pathway Forensics is available to assist law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in conducting detailed expert-witness level digital forensics for criminal investigations. Our professionals have worked on numerous criminal cases in which they have recovered critical evidence. In one murder investigation, our experts retrieved crucial website information which linked the suspect to the alleged criminal activity.

Although many law enforcement crime labs have significant back logs, Pathway Forensics' team of certified and experienced forensic examiners can process our clients' evidence without excessive delays.

Data Recovery

Pathway Forensics' sophisticated computer forensics software allows our team to recover important information from corrupted or reformatted media and encrypted password-protected files. If possible, we will perform a preliminary scan and search for specific content, carving for deleted files from the corrupted media. If there appears to be a mechanical problem, we can recommend reliable hard drive recovery companies with secure clean rooms so our clients can be assured that no data will be leaked. We also have experience rebuilding Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) file systems, computer data storage schemes that can divide and replicate data among multiple hard disk drives.