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Pathway Forensics provides support to Fortune 500 corporations, major law firms, in-house counsel, IT departments, security departments, insurance companies, private investigators, law enforcement and individuals. With the widespread use of computers and mobile devices to generate data and to communicate on a daily basis, it is difficult to identify a scenario where electronically-stored information would not be useful.

Our firm is large enough to handle major E-Discovery requests and small enough to image and analyze a single piece of media. Since we are structured to provide the most competitive pricing model in the market, Pathway Forensics has become a solution to the high cost of E-Discovery for large and small law firms.

Covering a variety of industries and markets such as oil and gas, insurance, banking, financial services, transportation, technology, manufacturing, securities and law enforcement, we provide service for clients including:

  • Legal
    • Law Firms
    • In-house Counsel
    • Family Law
    • Prosecutors
  • Corporate
    • IT Department
    • Human Resources
    • Security (Physical and Network)
    • Accounting
  • Insurance Companies
  • Private Investigators
  • Law Enforcement