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Pathway Forensics has the experience and industry knowledge to understand our clients' needs and conduct the kinds of digital forensic investigations necessary to accomplish their goals. We provide our clients with comprehensive investigative, analytical and defensible examination results.

The Pathway Forensics team recognizes the critical nature of each case, so we promise to:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis and review
  • Follow strict chain of custody procedures to preserve the data and maintain its integrity and authenticity
  • Provide the pertinent information in thorough, but easy-to-understand reports

With a team of highly skilled digital investigations and forensics experts, Pathway Forensics services include, but are not limited to:

  • Forensic imaging and collection of digital evidence
  • Enterprise collections – forensically sound collections of a single hard drive or an entire company
  • Discreet network collections and "black-bag" collections
  • Cell phone, Blackberry and iPhone forensics
  • Recovering deleted files, metadata and artifacts
  • Searching internet activity and company network activity
  • Copying/downloading/removing company files (USB storage devices)
  • Identifying programs used by persons of interest (applications used)
  • Locating accessed files