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Pathway Forensics provides cost-effective solutions for your E-Discovery requirements. By implementing innovative search technologies and providing scalable and compatible functionality, we can decrease the cost of producing information for litigation review.

We streamline the collection, processing, analysis and review process by utilizing state-of-the-art programs to filter non-relevant information and reduce the cost of expensive review time. Because each case is different, we rely on our team's knowledge of the types of available data to formulate a cost-effective solution that meets our clients' needs and satisfies their legal obligations. Pathway utilizes flexible E-Discovery applications which can produce data sets compatible with all of the major litigation review platforms such as Concordance, Autonomy, Summation, etc.

Additionally, Pathway Forensics can minimize cost by:

  • Hosting E-Discovery data
  • Providing data (load files) to a hosting company
  • Assisting in collection for in-house processing
  • Providing temporary personnel to assist in the initial phases of the collection and analysis

Pathway Forensics' E-Discovery responses and production comply with federal and state reasonable procedures and standards. Pathway Forensics also abides by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures and keeps our clients informed about the location of their data and its custodian as well as the retention policy. We also implement hold procedures that protect our clients' data.