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Houston, TX (September 26, 2012) --- Pathway Forensics LLC, a Houston-based digital forensics, computer investigations and electronic discovery firm, announced that Noel Kersh has been named partner.   

“We are delighted to welcome Noel to the partnership as he has been a tremendous asset to our team and a leader in the community,” said Erica Garrison, co-founder and partner, Pathway Forensics. “He has established a strong reputation in the industry based on his client-service oriented approach and his effectiveness as an expert.” 

With over 15 years of computer forensics, e-discovery and information technology experience, Kersh has served as a senior manager at Pathway Forensics for three years, providing digital forensic expert services to a variety of clients. He has expertise in conducting digital forensics investigations and analysis on cases involving business and employment disputes, in-house investigations for large corporations, theft of intellectual property, compliance with discovery requests, missing persons and criminal cases.

Among his successes, Noel has helped clients obtain injunctions and temporary restraining orders for theft of confidential client information and provided testimony in high profile cases.   He has been featured on CNN, TruTV and Discovery Channel’s "Investigate Discovery".

A graduate of Texas Tech University, Kersh is an EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) and an AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE). He is a member of the High Technology Investigation Association (HTCIA) and is also a licensed private investigator by the State of Texas.

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Pathway Forensics LLC is a provider of computer forensics and electronic discovery services. The firm’s team of professionals has extensive experience in collecting, analyzing and providing expert testimony on electronic evidence from corporate networks, desktop computers, laptops and cell phones. Utilizing the most innovative software and cutting edge facilities, the firm also provides expertise in lab consulting services and supplemental on-site staffing for corporate clients. The firm is continuously called upon to handle cases involving business litigation, employment matters, theft of intellectual property, government inquiries and criminal investigations. Pathway Forensics serves clients throughout the United States including Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, law enforcement agencies and private businesses. For more information visit the firm’s website: Expertise at Every Step

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